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Comparative Efficacy: What We Know, What We Need to Know, and How We Can Get There

In the past decade, the number of medications to treat osteoporosis has markedly increased. These drugs have distinct mechanisms of action. However, information on the efficacy of these compounds relative to one another remains limited, which frustrates physicians who want to practice according to the evidence....Read More

Transparency is good medicine: Senate Bill 5917, requiring pharmaceutical companies to disclose their spending on marketing to physicians

As a state elected official, I have to disclose certain financial data to the Public Disclosure Commission. Lobbyists, too, disclose how much they spend to influence the legislative process. It makes sense that pharmaceutical companies disclose what they spend on lobbying physicians....Read More

Universally Applied Standards for Pharmacy Technicians

Most other health care professions require standard qualifications for personnel who assist in delivering health care. This helps create a framework for safely delivering care....Read More

This Pill Not To Be Taken With Competition: How Collusion Is Keeping Generic Drugs Off the Shelves

Getting health-care costs under control is a daunting and multifaceted challenge. But one simple approach could save consumers billions of dollars annually...Read More